The Yuma Coin Club is the Desert Southwest area's premier and longest-running coin club! The Club started back in 1970 and we have been going strong ever since!  But we're so much more than a group of coin collectors -- our members also collect paper money, medals, tokens and numismatic books!  


We have collectors at every stage from beginner to in between to advanced-- you'll never be "out of place" as a member of the Yuma Coin Club.​  One of the strengths of the Club is the diversity of its members. With so many different areas of collecting interest among its membership, you're sure to find a kindred spirit within our friendly group.  Wouldn't it be great to find other collectors with whom you could...

                                                                            1.Share your enthusiasm for our hobby!

                                                                            2.Swap stories about your latest purchase!

                                                                            3. Learn from or help educate a young numismatist!

We are a non-profit organization whose by-laws dictate that we work at advancing the numismatic hobby in the greater Yuma area.  With this in mind we are keenly interested in doing activites that promote the hobby in the community.  If you want to get more involved in your hobby we again encourage you to join us!

               We look forward to personally welcoming you as a member of the Yuma Coin Club at our next meeting!



11375 South Foothills Blvd.

          THE 1st TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH /  6 TO 8 PM

                                                                   BEGINNERS / NOVICES / EXPERENCED / INVESTORS

                                                                                               ALL ARE WELCOME

                         The members of the "Yuma Coin Club" will have numismatic material for sale through our monthly auction.